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A woman's mouth and chin area showing before and after the CA Skin Regeneration treatment. The results show a significant reduction in the wrinkles around her mouth and an overall smoother texture.

CA Skin Regeneration Facial Protocol

This amazing Facial Firming Treatment is like no other!  The PRX-T33 peel represents the latest generation TCA peel. It is based on an innovative formula composed of 33% TCA (Trichloroacetic acid, the active ingredient of a traditional medical peel), 5% Kojic acid (a potent brightening agent) and Hydrogen peroxide (H202). This peel is developed by the Italian WIQOMed laboratory and distributed in France by the Novelskin laboratory. The effectiveness of this new type of TCA peel has been proven in 10 years of clinical studies. In 2015, more than 100,000 patients were treated. What more could you ask for: A remarkable biorevitalization peel with no side effects?! This amazing peel is done once a week for 4-weeks and is indicated for those wishing to:

CA Skin Filler Facial Protocol

A HOLLYWOOD BEST KEPT SECRET! This powerful anti-aging PRO GRADE PLLA mask treatment is ideal for plumping wrinkles, super-charging collagen production and penetrating bioavailable Poly L Lactic Acid [PLLA] and peptides like EGF to boost collagen production. THIS IS NOT THE AVERAGE MASK TREATMENT. With this treatment protocol you will see a wonderful firming effect (think non-invasive filler) with no downtime! The cell fit sheet mask contains encapsulated hydrogen with additional active ingredients and together with the ingredients in the serum, provides a treatment like no other. It helps to reduce wrinkles and fill in hollow or sunken areas on the face with use. Skin gets brighter, pores tighten, blackheads are reduced, and, of course, it has the plumping effect. The effects of PLLA build gradually over weeks and months, producing natural results. This is a series of 4 treatments done weekly, however you will appreciate younger, firmer, smoother skin after just one treatment! Treatment includes serum/mask application in the office, take-home care duo CaviPLLA and SculPLLA Stem Cell Mist. for daily use throughout treatment process.

CA Signature Facial

This highly customized treatment is uniquely designed to meet your specific skincare challenges. It is not your everyday facial! Once your examination is completed, you and your provider will determine which of the following will be included in your facial and the combination will likely change each visit; depending on your skin's needs. Our facials start like all the others with steaming with deep cleansing, but here is where we excel. Our facials then can include any combination of the following: dermaplaning, extractions, LIGHTWAVE proprietary LED light therapy, Dermakinetic - Topical Light Infusion, Dermasweep microdermabrasion exfoliation, Palovia laser for Crow's feet/Smokers lines, chemical peels, gel eye mask therapy. No two treatments will ever be the same, as our skin is ever-changing depending on various factors including diet/environment/home care/stress level etc.

CA Skin Firming Facial

THIS TREATMENT IS A POWERFUL COMBINATION of our CA Signature Facial ($195) plus Clearlift Laser treatment ($200) for only $295! This unique combination facial is designed to meet numerous skin care challenges. It combines the variety of services available with our "CA Signature facial" and adds the cool laser treatment Clearlift for improved skin tone and texture. Many of our clients schedule this treatment every 6 to 8 weeks throughout the year for unparalleled skin rejuvenation. The best part is you get an immediate glow to the skin's tone, smoothing of the skin's surface and a firming collagen boost in 4-6 weeks after treatment. All with NO DOWN TIME!

Provider Anna Hooley holding the Clearlift Laser device and 2 bottles of solution.

CA Skin Signature Facial Treatment Enhancements

CA Signature Facial Enhancements:

** Palovia Eye Treatment - This powerful non-ablative hand-held laser will cause some immediate swelling post-treatment but no other downtime. It greatly minimizes wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes to reduce those pesky crow's feet! Discuss it with your provider at your next facial appointment. Recommended weekly.

** Dermaplaning - Exfoliating scalpel used to remove upper layers of dead skin and vellus hair or the peach fuzz on the face. Recommended every 2-4 weeks.

** Microdermabrasion - with our exclusive DermaSweep system with customized suction and brush tips for superior exfoliation. Recommended every 4-6 weeks.

** LightWave LED Therapy - PhotoDynamic Light Therapy - Specialized LED treatments to invigorate skin, produce collagen, improve discolorations, reduce acne. Recommended 2-3 times weekly for best results, added to nearly all of our laser treatments also.

** Lightwave Topical Light Infusions (TLi) and Chemical Peels - Revolutionary proprietary blends of botanicals, peptides, vitamins/minerals and stem cells: growth factors and cytokines

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