Medical Microneedling

Scarlet RF - Medical Microneedling with Radiofrequency

SCARLET RF takes traditional microneedling to the next level for unparalleled skin tightening, scar reduction and even improved pigmentation and stretch marks! A REVOLUTIONARY SHORT-PULSE RADIOFREQUENCY NON-SURGICAL SOLUTION for remarkable skin tightening. The SCARLET RF utilizes both Collagen Induction Therapy and Radiofrequency energy with minimal downtime. It provides immediate results and even more profound changes at 3 months. We recommend 3 treatments over 3 months for maximum effects. SCARLET RF can treat the full face, neck, decollete, and loose sagging skin and scars anywhere on the body!

SCARLET RF can also effectively reduce submental fat, which is excess volume under the chin or the "double chin" look. Very little to no downtime, unlike Kybella, with great results. For the "double chin" treatment, two sessions are performed, 1 month apart. Package Pricing Available.

Traditional Medical Microneedling Facials

Retexturizing and Rejuvenating facial utilizing 1.5-3 mm depth Collagen Induction Therapy microneedles. This tried and true, proven therapy can achieve a remarkable reduction in skin imperfections while firming the skin over time. We offer a wide variety of options with this service from basic microneedling to "better than PRP" infusions of highly concentrated human stem cells: growth factors and cytokines for optimal results. We also provide home  skin care kits for continued rejuvenation post-treatment! Superior efficacy to the Vampire/PRP facial with NO BLOOD draw necessary. Medical Microneedling is highly customizable, requires a full skin assessment prior to treatment, and should be done ONLY by licensed, qualified nurses/nurse practitioners, or physicians.

Medical Microneedling Hair Loss Treatments

This treatment utilizes either microneedles @ 1.5 mm depth or individual injections into the scalp; depending on thickness of the hair in the treatment zone. We use the proprietary blend AnteAGE stem cells: growth factors and cytokines to regenerate the hair follicles during treatment, followed by LED light therapy for product penetration and improved hair restoration.

If you are experiencing thinning hair and hair loss, this treatment is for you and INCLUDES the AnteAGE Home Restoration kit for continued stimulation at home. Recommended: one treatment per month X3 months for best results.

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